SEO and Social Media can Increase Small Business Sales

Search marketing

If you are a marketer, you know how important it is for your client to engage in online marketing. Half of all U.S. retail dollars will be influenced by internet marketing, and indeed, e commerce sales are already at 200 billion USD. What you need is a robust strategy that integrates search engine optimization, or SEO, and social media marketing. Taken together, these two can position your client for success.

SEO simply means how search engines find a website. Based on 200 unique criteria, including keyword density and number of inbound links, SEO determines what organic ranking a website receives. Typically, the better the keyword density and inbound linking it receives, the greater organic ranking it will have as well. The higher the organic ranking, the more likely consumers will see the website.

SEO can be costly to implement. Often, proprietary software and highly trained staff are needed for the best results. To save, marketers often use SEO reseller plans to help. These Seo reseller plans pool resources from other marketers and users, and invest in the latest technology and best trained staff. Often, these SEO reseller programs can pass along the cost savings to you.

Another strategy that complements Seo is social media. There are many ways to implement social media, so I will just cover its importance. You see, ninety percent of all online adults are on social media. A further 94 percent of respondents actually track the number of fans and followers. Despite this, most businesses respond to only about thirty percent of the social media feedback they receive. A higher response rate means that businesses can attract more customers.

SEO and social media are part of a helix that can lead to better lead generation. As more people go online and use the Internet in different ways, the rewards are only likely to get bigger. This should encourage marketers to examine how their clients use SEO and social media.